Coastal Skies & Musical Nights!

Every summer, when I went to my native with my family, it used to be one of the best feelings ever. Surrounded with forests, rivers, fields and the sea itself, this place has a beauty that will take your heart away in a glance if you are a nature lover.

The houses here are not many. Mostly around 3-5 houses scattered here and there surrounded with coconut groves and forests. Since this is a coastal land, there are hardly any other seasons except summer and rainy. People here seldom experience any winter at all! As the sun sets and the stars come up, the village goes quiet and dark. People here mostly sleep at around 7pm since they will have to wake up early for their everyday routine at 4am. The main occupation here being agriculture.

I have been obsessed with the sky since my childhood. Every night in my native, there would be a mandatory power cut. The whole village would become dark and there will be chimney lights lit up in all the houses. That is when you listen, listen to what the night here has to offer you. The nights here, have a music of its own. There will be sounds of the waves hitting the shore back and forth, there are crickets humming all night long as if to sing rhythmically along with the waves, the wind coming from the sea makes the tall coconut trees dance steadily making it look like nature throws a party here every night! Occasionally, there will be disco lights added to this party when the fireflies decide to join too! Along with them, there will also be guest singers sometimes if you are lucky, the frogs grumping along for a karaoke night and the beetles joining them as chorus singers! Overall, when you are in coastal places like these, close your eyes and listen. You will be surprised how all these little sounds will be in harmony with one another.

You might be a little creeped out to set your foot out here during the nights if you are afraid of snakes. I should warn you, there are many! However, if you do come out and look up at the sky, all you will see is a dazzling pretty world over your head! There are two kinds of views here that you can savor, one is the village view and the other is the sea view.

If you are inside the village, your view will be a number of coconut trees and areca nut trees looking down at you as if to ask you why you have not been looking up all this time in surprise. The Moon will be peeking out through the coconut leaves. You will see him hide away and come back in sight as though he is playing peek-a-boo with you. As if, all of a sudden, you caught him looking at you! All the stars around him will twinkle at you as if to testify and mark this beautiful night, in your name!

If you are by the sea, the same moon who was shying away from you, will be calling you, grabbing your attention boldly. Looking at you directly, with all his charm as if to tell you why were you so late for this meeting! All the stars around will shimmer while the waves of the sea touch your feet, welcoming you to a world where you are the only dancer and where the music plays according to your moves, as per your wish! Every step you take will feel like a beat. Every breath you take will make you feel like you are complete!

I wish for you to experience these nights, when you can listen to the nature talk to you. When all those voices in your head go shush! I hope that all that you hear there on, is the quiet of your soul, singing to the music of nature! For in these moments, you will be in one with yourself. For my friend, these moments that will count!

Have you experienced coastal nights? What are your thoughts about these nights and how different was it from what I experienced? Do let me know in the comments below!

Look out this space for the City lights, coming soon!    


4 thoughts on “Coastal Skies & Musical Nights!

  1. Being from north India, I have not experienced much coastal nights but definitely reminded me of my childhood days, during summers, used to sit at rooftop in moonlight with my big joint family whenever there was a power cut. Those nights are memorable as I can clearly remember us singing songs, me fighting with siblings and yeah eating like everything available in the kitchen.
    My mother having a belief in superstitions always used to say never ever look at the full moon but I never listened to her, instead always tried to see it with my binoculars trying to find out if anyone living on the moon🤣.

    Travelling to south India already on top of my list, so experiencing coastal nights not far!

    It was a beautiful writeup👏. Thanks for reminding me of my childhood days😊!


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