Shower of Blessings


Woke up to a call so pleasant..
A musical call to a beautiful shower, was our present..
She blew and the wind touched our skin at last🌬
We were under a spell, that she had cast..

Put our foot out of our tents..
With raincoats on and our fingers numb from all the events..

Oh wait a sec, forget the fingers..
‘Did we even have toes at all?’, a thought inside our head, lingers..

She blew a spell on us again..
The spell cast on us this time so strong, to process anything for our brain at all..

As if the spirit of the happy feet penguin came into us..
There we were, dancing to her song with the snow showering all over us..

She showered and showered her magical flakes upon us, like it was a blessing..
With every flake touching us, cleansing our soul from all that we weren’t expressing..

By the end of it all,
It was time for her to take a leave..

But the spell she cast over us remains intoxicate..
Her music lingers on in our head and on the mountain tops till date..

Humming a voice of silence..
With all our voices echoing along with her very guidance..

She calls us back to dance to her music..
The mountains stand still looking down, waiting for our arrival, ready with their acoustic..

We still hear her calls..
Thinking about her, makes our soul rejoice..

Our happy feet, waiting for us to walk back the mountains…
As though, being there is an important part of their very existence!

– Selenophile Diaries

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