Little Bansu

Little Bansu came running to me while I was least expecting..
I held him, this precious little thing..
So fragile .. just 20 days old..
His heart beating rhythmically..
His eyes looking at me, as though he always knew me..
With so much trust & so much love..
My heart felt full with the look he had in his eyes..
Content, was what I felt, with evey second that I spent with him..
Love comes to you everyday..
In small pieces, making you complete little by little..
Adding value to your life, helping you make sense out of this thing called life..
And in these small moments, are you really living!
And these moments, are the ones that really count!

PC- Abhiram
Selenophile Diaries ©

Here’s a video of how I spent some time with little Basu

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