Key Monestry, Spiti Valley, HP

Key Gompa (Kee,Kye,Ki)
Height: 4,166 m (13,668 ft)

© Selenophile Diaries

Built in the 11th century, this is one of the largest Monestry in Spiti Valley. The breathtaking architecture of this Monestry and the gorgeous view all around it, is sure to leave you spellbound!

Key Monestry stands tall till date even after facing a number of attacks, wars, fires & earthquakes. We were lucky enough that we visited this place on a day when it is believed that Buddha delivered his first sermon (Dharamchakra) according to the Tibetan calendar (the 4 noble truths).

© Selenophile Diaries

There was a special prayer held to celebrate the same. We were told by the facilitator that we will be allowed to sit and witness this prayer for not more than 5 mins initially. However, they were kind enough to accomodate us for the entire prayer. We also got to spend some time talking to the Lamas here for a while.

The prayer was so enchanting, that it took us to a world of peace and bliss altogether. Just sitting there, quiet, our minds became quite too. I couldn’t believe I was witnessing this beautiful occasion amongst so many Lamas. This had always been a dream. I was so lucky to come face to face with this beautiful coincidence of visiting here on this special day.

© Selenophile Diaries

There was a cake that was first offered to the Dalai Lama after which we were all given small pieces of the this cake. We were asked to take a small bite from it and put the rest back into the tray. These pieces are in the name of ancestors and the spirits that protect us.

After the entire prayer is done, we were again given a piece of this special cake and toffees. The prayer left us with so much satisfaction and a feeling of calm that our trip felt so complete after witnessing this event. A feeling of content, a feeling of awareness and compassion. That we are all humans, one and the same.

© Selenophile Diaries

We were allowed to explore the prayer rooms of this Monestry which is more than a 1000 years old. We passed through dimly lit passages, making our way through tiny doors. The rooms were all different from one another in terms of architecture. Each room, an ancient beauty!

There were also a lot of individual chambers, dedicated for meditation. I was lost in the world of imagination. Thinking about all the Lamas coming from so many generations, attaining spirituality and enlightenment, sitting right here, in these chambers.

We then found ourselves in a kitchen were we were served herbal tea. We then headed out from Key. If finding peace had levels, then visiting Key and witnessing these events that occurred here, gave me the highest level of peace that I have ever felt in my life.

© Selenophile Diaries

As we began to walk out of the Monestry, pictures of the Dalai Lama, from when he was a little kid up till now, smiled at us. A smile so warm that it is sure to stay with us forever. A smile that will be a  beam of light during darkness in life, a ray of hope, during the times of despair to carry on with life. Reminding us that life has to go on and we don’t really need everything that our hearts desire to be happy. That happiness, is a state of mind.

What are your thoughts on life and happiness? Do let me know in the comments below. Also, follow me on instagram for more travel stories.

Selenophile Diaries

One thought on “Key Monestry, Spiti Valley, HP

  1. Wow, these photos are beautiful. The place has a natural charm to it.
    That’s amazing that you got to sit in for such a special moment as well. Can you describe the prayer and the feeling in the room when this was happening? If it’s even able to be put into words!
    Great writing as well. I enjoyed the story.


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