Who Am I ?

I am Sneha, a Moon lover, as you already know by my username. I have been obsessed with the Moon and the sky in general. Especially the night sky. Living in the city, I used to go up to my terrace every night to look at the sky. It has been my only best way of relaxing after long days of sitting in front of the computer and dealing with all the traffic and pollution. As a kid, I always wondered what it would be like if I could sit on the Moon and look down at the Earth. Will I be able to see all the places at once? As time passed, I knew that was far from being possible. The dream of seeing all the places on Earth however, never died.

The Pandemic came to me as a blessing. Prior to that, I was just a corporate girl with responsibilities, leading a simple life managing work and balancing financials, the main aim being somehow surviving the month before I was broke. It was during the Pandemic I was actually able to slowly start exploring places while I had the leverage of working from home. Balancing work, saving, budget planning, travel and repeat became my only Mantra!

Which is why I am starting this travel blog. I realized there would never be a better time to start this if not now. I start this website with an intention of writing down my experience as I explore new places and new faces. Living in the places known and unknown.