Come join me in my journey as I chase the Moon wherever he goes.. Let’s explore the world together!

Travel, Explore, Experience

You do not choose places, they choose you!

The aim of this website is to reach genuine readers who wants to travel and learn about all the beautiful places and their culture and heritage. I will be writing about places, people, culture, lifestyles, food and historic references as I explore these things myself. I believe in listening to stories from the local people than what I find on the internet. That is exactly what I will try to do to the best of my ability. Join me as I take on the world by meeting new faces and writing their stories by collecting a bit of sparkles everywhere I go!

I hope I will inspire all my readers to travel and experience different lifestyles just like how they have dreamt about all this time. Even if it is just a small morning walk/drive or a sudden unplanned trip or even a perfectly planned trip! There will be no best time to start. There will be no time that will be too early or too late. Therefore, my dear friend, I hope you start now!

Do you have stories, experiences or insights that you would want me to share on my website? I would love to hear from you! Do write to me at selenophilediaries@gmail.com