© selenophilediaries
© selenophilediaries

Sunset in Rishikesh ❤️

The wind kissed me and my worries flew away..
The rays of the setting Sun, vanished all the pain right away..

The gushing river sent me tonnes of positivity, as if to say..
That all these confusions are going to be lessons, someday..

The Sun asked me then, to still stay..
The river asked me not to run inside my head, far away..

So I watched, as they threw me a show of this colorful play..
The Sun cast the colors and the river was where all his shades display..

He cast shades of yellow first, then golden shimmering everywhere..
Then all the shades of organge came through, from the heavenly skyway..

I asked them if this was a ritual of some sort performed day after day..
They told me that they chose to play holi  everyday..

I then looked around and just before the dusk took over the day,
There where colors of all kind right infront of my eyes while the trees on the mountains sway..

Red, blue, green, yellow then turned into grey…
The Moon lit up the sky then, guiding my way..

– Selenophile Diaries

® Selenophile Diaries

Stop explaining,
Let it be as it is..

What is not will go away,
What is, will stay..

Calm your mind,
Trust the timing..

Be kind to yourself,
Recuperate your soul, oh dear one!

– Selenophile Diaries

This is my life alone❤️